Historical Antique Indonesian Batik Designs, Motifs, & Patterns for Great Fashion

What is Batik?

The word batik (or batique) was took from Indonesian word: ”tik”, and Javanese word: ”amba”. ”Tik” meaning ”dot” (or ”point”), and ”amba” meaning ”to write” (or ”to do”). There are several steps to make batik. Apply melted wax to cloth, then dipped in dye. To Make any shape within it, use canting. Canting is the tool used for applying hot wax by hand. The Canting is made of two element: a copper bowl with a spout, and a bamboo holder into which the copper part is inserted. Canting with fine spouts are used for the most delicate lines, while a wide spouts allows the wax to flow quickly over background areas. Rosettes of five or seven dots are made with a canting which has multiple spouts.
For further information about batik, you can visit Wikipedia article "Batik"

Why Use Antique Batik Designs for Your Fashion?

It's simple. Need high skillhands to produce handpainted batik. Many years ago, batik maker made batik not only for their hobby or money oriented, but they put full of philosophies and educations within it. With Batik, your fashion looks elegant, ethnic, and special.

About Us, Indonesian Batik Designs Collector

We are collector of historic batik designs, batik motifs, and batik patterns. Our mission is to save the historic designs and promote the designs to be your inspiration. You can modify the designs as you like for your fashion design. If you have any inquiry, please contact us.

Free Training Batik Designs & The Contributors

Since 2015 we create a social class for free for all Indonesia people who like to learn how to design the batik and to improve the the pride for their own culture. This program will involve our genuine batik designer that will run the program to 20 places in every year in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, and has been used as study of many students around the world. For more information please contact Mrs. Tifanny and get info the next training to be held in the future.